Quiet Title Actions/Tax Sales

An action to quiet title is a lawsuit filed to establish ownership of real property. The party bringing the action in a quiet title action seeks to obtain a court order that prevents the respondent from making any subsequent claim to the property. A quiet title suit is also termed a suit to remove a cloud. A cloud is any claim or potential claim to ownership of the property. The cloud can be a claim of full or only partial ownership of the property, such as a lien in an amount that does not exceed the value of the property.

For example, let us assume that the seller of the property agreed to sell but passed away before the sale could be finalized. Let us go further into thinking that the seller also gave the property to a family member in a will. In this type of a situation, both the family member and the buyer have lawful grounds for filing a suit to quiet title because each has a valid claim to the property. We are here to represent your interests if this, or anything along these lines, is standing between you and your property.

Murray Law Group, LLC can assist clients with clearing title to properties purchased at tax sales. While tax sales can provide an investor an opportunity to purchase a property at a considerable savings, the title to these properties via a tax deed is generally weak. Generally, courts disfavor tax sales as taxpayers may lose substantial equity in properties when they are sold for delinquent taxes. As a result, tax sales and the corresponding tax deeds may be overturned and voided. A properly filed quiet title action can resolve this issue. So, Don't Worry, Call Murray!


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