Child Custody

At Murray Law Group, LLC, P.A. we recognize how important the future of your children is to you and your family and we can help. Whether you are going through a divorce or are having problems with custody and visitation related to a relationship where the parties never married, our legal services attorneys at Murray Law Group, LLC is here to protect your rights.

At Murray Law Group, LLC, PA we have helped hundreds of others in similar situations and we understand that many child custody and visitation situations involve difficult and emotional decisions that affect your life and, most importantly, your children's lives. While you always want what is best for your children, you also want to know that you are being treated justly. Having experienced aggressive representation to protect your interests can help make the difference in the often-complex world of custody and visitation. 

At Murray Law Group, LLC we feel that it is important to know some of the possible custody solutions are available to you and your children.

Sole Custody

When both legal and physical custody of a child is awarded to one party, we call that Sole Custody. In this scenario the child or children reside with only one parent and the other parent may have varying degrees of visitation with the child or children. The party with sole custody has the right to make major decisions for the child, including schooling, discipline, non-emergency medical care, religious upbringing and other significant decisions in the child’s life.

Split Custody

Split Custody involves more than one child and it is when one child resides with one party and the other resides with the other party. The children reside each in separate households, usually due to age and choice of whom the child would like to live.

Joint Custody

There are as many ways to frame joint custody. Most situations fall within these three types of Joint Custody: Joint Legal; Joint Legal and Physical; and Combination.

  • Joint Legal is where the child has only one primary residence, yet both parents share in the care and control of the decisions concerning the child.
  • Joint Legal and Physical custody is when the child has two residences and their time is divided between the parents.
  • Combination: as parents, you may choose to make your own joint custody arrangement that works best for the both of you and your children. This can be any combination of shared physical and joint legal custody.

Custody Factors

When determining child custody, the Family Court will always look to the best interest of the children to make that determination. There are a host of factors in deterring what is in the best interest of the minor children including but not limited to: the temperament and developmental needs of the child; the capacity and the disposition of the parents to understand and meet the needs of the child; the preferences of each child; the wishes of the parents as to custody; the past and current interaction and relationship of the child with each parent, the child's siblings, and any other person, including a grandparent, who may significantly affect the best interest of the child; the child's cultural and spiritual background; among many others. At Murray Law Group, LLC, our task is to make sure a Court knows what you consider to be in your children’s best interest. Contact us today so we can begin preparing your child custody action.

Custody Modifications and Relocations

Child custody and visitation are always modifiable by the Family Court. However, the party seeking the change in custody or visitation must show that there has been a substantial change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the child and a change in custody and/or visitation is in the overall best interests of the child. Some of these situations may involve: relocation; child abuse; substance abuse; poor performance and/or attendance in school; health concerns surrounding parent and/or child; and many other situations that may warrant a change in custody or visitation. At Murray Law Group, LLC, we will evaluate your case and help determine if there has been a change in circumstances, and if there has been a change, we will help you fight for your children’s best interest.

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