Marital Assets and Debt

The prospect of dividing a lifetime worth of marital property, marital assets, marital debt, business property, business assets, retirement assets and alike can be both intimidating and frightening. That is why it is crucial to understand the law and aggressively pursue a marital property and debt division that is truly fair and equitable under the law. At Murray Law Group, LLC, we strive to obtain a marital property division that takes into account both the legal complexities of your case and your individual needs and requirements. We will aggressively advocate for you to insure that a fair outcome is reached with a goal of financial stability after your case has been resolved.

Murray Law Group, LLC has always emphasized an individualized and personal approach in dealing with our clients. We listen to our clients and then develop an individualized strategy that encompasses the unique factors and problems that your case brings to secure the best possible outcome.


During the course of your marriage, chances are that you have accumulated many assets with your spouse. You may have also accumulated many individual and marital debts. Some of those assets that you may have accumulated are real estate/real property, your marital home, your personal property, your accounts, a small business, investments and alike.

One or both of the parties may have contributed to your marital assets. Marital assets and debts include not only those assets and debts that are in the names of the parties jointly but also those assets and debts that are in the names of the parties individually. Knowing and understanding these and other factors that the Family Courts use to divide your marital assets and debts is crucial to protecting your rights and future.

Often special challenges are presented when someone is self-employed or owns their own business. Company accounts can be hidden and difficult to properly account. Our job at Murray Law Group, LLC is to help you unravel the often-complex issues that surround marital estates especially those that involve the self-employed and small business owners. So, Don't Worry, Call Murray!


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