April 27, 2015

Our New Website and Social Media


downloadIn 2014 we set time aside to improve our communication to the general internet world. Through social media and website, we are extending our already “always available attorneys” to you even further.

Though it seems small, you really can access our attorneys through Facebook: www.facebook.com/callmurray . Our Realtor friends refer us so much business. In response you will see many more Facebook post thanking you for your feedback. Many of these post will mention or even picture you and/or your business. We will also include industry topical post for you. Having served more than 45,000 clients, we will also thank many clients via Facebook.

We have a YouTube channel: MurrayLawOffices We have informational whiteboard videos up currently and soon, our Legal Division attorney, Ryan Stampfle, will have Q&A sessions on specific law cases. Subscribe to the channel to receive notices of each new topic discussed.

Also, March 2015, after many many editing sessions, we released our new website: www.callmurray.com .
This new site includes more information into all legal services of Murray Law Group, LLC and will help everyone know what to ask for in our offices. If you are uncertain if you have a case or defense, the best option is to pick up the phone and ask to speak with our attorney, but we have also included general case information to let you know more about what we can handle for you.

Murray Law Group, LLC is available to serve everyone up and down the Grand Strand. We all have many incidents in our life time: opportunities, challenges and accidents. A Murray Law attorney can help bring closure and prepare you for the next step.